Vanessa: Multi-Orgasmic Lungs

Her lungs enjoy intense multi-orgasms along this video. Creamy long holds, residual smoke, you name it… Vanessa is an example of how much pleasure a modern smoking woman feels by lighting up a cigarette during a strong craving. Vanessa is a model who craves smoking all the time.

Vanessa always allows the cigarette to make love to her, burning with kisses her lungs. The model gives in to the pleasure of leaving the smoke inside her tits, sometime for more than 10 seconds, while her cigarette keeps burning erect and firm between her lips, lips of 34-year-old woman, smoker since she was 13. She works as saleswoman in Barcelona and amateur model. In her daily life, Vanessa smokes 2 packs per day. 2 packs who live in her bag, where she finds all the pleasure that her body demands since she was a teen.

The video reveals Vanessa enjoying a 18 minutes lungs-orgasm session while consuming 6 loving cigarettes. She kisses each of her 6 lovers, treasuring in her chest the creamy gift that her lips have milked, and while she holds it inside, wet cough and moans of pleasure escape, fruit of the sweet rape that is happening inside her chest. The cigarette is hungry of her, eager to melt within her breath. Yes, she inhales deep, as she is addicted, and therefore she needs it so badly. She feels so sexy every time she does it, and it gives her so much pleasure.

Date: November 6, 2021

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