Silvia: Smoking Darling

If by chance one sees Silvia’s innocent face on the street, one can never guess she is one of those hot girls who smokes too much. She still looks too sweet to smoke, despite her skin has begun to reveal evidences of her habit. Through the video, she milks each fag devotedly by “looking at you” throught a sexy hypnotic gaze, as the cigarette does his work on her. She playfully practices her open mouth inhales, then, a “petite mort” outcrops on her gaze, out of control with each lung hit. This is happening again and again, all the running time. Silvia loves the smell of the smoke: as she holds it inside, she eventually draws the cigarette tip near her nostrils, smelling its hot aroma for some seconds before exhaling.

How dominant and submissive a woman can be with her cigarette? This video is a good example. Silvia eventually boost her smoking experience with double and triple drags, on her amusement her hands may shake, it’s vague to throw the ashes, but she is determined. The video mostly focus on her joyful mouth-cigarette action, paired with her penetrating gaze that clearly bears a part in the delight she feels while chain smoking so well.

Silvia works as reflexologist, she smokes and she eventually performs as model. She loves to be a smoking model and she admits that smoking is on her repertoire of seduction weapons when flirting with an interesting man. She looks at the cigarette as her unconditional partner, often smiling to her cigarette while playing with her chest. One can pay attention to her chest-control through her abdomen, dosing the right pressure of the inhaled smoke and then breaking the exhales, to keep a warm buffer of residual smoke on her lungs until the next drag arrives. Such “heavy smoker” technique was unimaginable for Silvia on her teenage, when she was an angry anti-smoking cutie, grown on a smoker’s family. Nowadays she is glad to show how much she enjoys doing it, proud of having become a highly worshipped smoking model.

Date: December 14, 2021

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