Sabrina: Smoking Trained Beauty

Sabrina, Italian heavy smoker, works as professional fitness trainer – Pilates and Yoga. She takes great care of her wellness through a healthy diet and exercising her body to keep it in perfect balance. This venetian beauty is also a lovely committed pack-and-a-half per day smoker. Reds 100s has been her choice brand since she started at 15 years old -in high school. She never had the desire to quit. Since she first tried it, she has indulged herself into heavy smoking on a daily basis. This counts almost 25 years being a heavy smoker.

Sabrina loves too much the pleasure that cigarettes deliver into her lungs. She states that such pleasure helps her to manage her stress and balance her emotional status -a great pretext to indulge her addiction.

After each fitness class she teaches, a 7-minute break is enough to get her nicotine-fix through two chained cigarettes (Red 100s). When she arrives to the comfort of her home, she indulges herself to chain smoke, recovering the lost pace. Her pack of 100s and an ashtray accompany her into the darkness of her bedroom, her favourite place to melt mutually into unaccountable warm smoky kisses.

The lucky ones who are about to acquire the complete video will realise that Sabrina could be an excellent breathing teacher. Sabrina has gained a technical perfect control of the smoke by breathing though her abdominals -the breathing technique she teaches in her pilates and yoga classes- holding it down, deep inside, as generous amounts of nicotine complete its mysterious work on her sporty perfect 39-year-old body.

The full length video contains 5 scenes, filmed in her own home, some depicted on her own bedroom, where thousands of tarry kisses have already happened. The other scenes were filmed on her living room, where she sporadically answers through her tarry voice some of the secrets about her deep relationship with cigarettes.

Date: November 5, 2021

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