Raquel: Heavy Smoker For 25 Years

Raquel combines the exoticism of the Mediterranean beauty with the mysterious attitude of heavy smoking women.

She is 38 years old (at the time of depiction), and she keeps smoking one pack and a half per day, a pace that started when she started to smoke regularly, at the age of 13. At 31, she started to model at SmokingSweeties.

Look at her eyes, as she seems to die of pleasure when she savours the creamy smoke in her lungs. Look at her poses and attitude, at her involuntary movements at her fingers while she holds the smoke inside. She has been smoking for 25 years, and she keeps enjoying each cigarette just like she did in her teens: dominating the smoke with open mouth inhales, french inhales, nose exhales.

In this video, beautiful Raquel fully smokes 6 cigarettes along 3 scenes: one scene happens in front of the bathroom mirror, and 2 scenes are depicted power smoking while relaxing on the couch. The video clip accurately blends close-ups with full-body angles, a warrant that you’re gonna see everything you wish to watch.

This video is a shinning diamond for video collectors, a visual trip along Raquel’s lights and shadows, unveiling the mystery behind her smoking habit.

Date: November 6, 2021

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