Raquel: Heavy Smoker For 22 Years

Beautiful Raquel stands for everything a heavy smoking woman is all about. After starting to become a heavy smoker on purpose at the beginning of the 90’s, she reached a quick dependence to the smoking habit that she now easily manages by her intense style, which is complemented by the sheer amount of cigarettes she smokes down one by one, namely every day. In this video (16+ minutes runtime), Raquel smokes five cigarettes in three scenes, have a look:

Scene 1: Raquel has one cigarette and combines casual smoking with a casual but even so sexy outfit.
Scene 2: Nice full body shots here, Raquel smokes two cigarettes while posing in a tight clubbing outfit.
Scene 3: Raquel smokes another two cigarettes at the table while she is making notes. She is not only occupied with writing but of course with making sure not to run out of smoke inside all the while. A nice demonstration of how the experienced Raquel is more than used to smoke a lot while doing everyday stuff.
All scenes let you also ear-witness Raquel’s very special tarry inhales, this alone makes her performance here kind of unique. This video is first of all a great choice for all fans of very experienced heavy smokers, and also those who are searching for candid smoker coughs to add to their private video collection. Plus smokingsweetie’s usual high standards of video and audio quality guarantee you to be able to watch an attractive heavy smoking woman like Raquel, as if she is just present in your room.

Date: December 14, 2021

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