Nuria: Smoking Girl Becomes A Woman

During her smoking on this video, Nuria drops words in Catalan (English subtitles) putting into words the sensations she experiences while smoking cigarette: “the way the cigarette burns in my mouth…”, “I love the way it unhooks from my lips”, “real tobacco taste…”, “how it enters and how it goes out”, “tickle inside…”, “it makes me feel so relaxed”, “Indescribable in words… it must be felt”.

Nuria started to smoke when she was 15 years old, and her love story with cigarettes already lasts 21 years, at the time of this video depiction.

Pack-per-day Nuria, reappears on SmokingSweeties 8 years after her debut. Do you remember that charming smoking girl who shot smoke rings like there was no tomorrow? Well, she has become quite a lovely woman, and today she shares her lovely presence while proudly smoking 6 cork cigarettes along 5 scenes.

Date: November 5, 2021

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