Nuria: Devoted smoking pettitte

Watching a skilled “pettitte” girl devoutly chain smoking can be an eye-catching show, and watching Nuria’s innocence falling so badly into the pleasure may evoke to the viewer being witness on a smoking-virgin meeting her point of no return. Along the video, Nuria can’t help to show candid expressions of inner satisfaction while experiencing continuous kicks of smoke on her lungs.

The video consists on 3 scenes:

Scene 1: Nuria indulges to her habit on a coffee bar by chain smoking two cigarettes. The scene becomes a progressive multi-drags show that is topped with two rows of quintuple drags at the end of the second cigarette. She lights up her cigarettes with the burning tip of the precedent cigarette, in a never-ending cascade of pleasure.
Scene 2: Standing on a bar, Nuria keeps chain smoking, two more cigarettes this time, and again lighting the second one with a burning tip. She even smokes “two at once” for a while, decorating the scenario with perfect smoke rings with the same precision displayed on her previous videos. Her cheeks hollow during each drag like a measure bar, quantizing how badly she craves. This scene is a sample of her devotional power-smoking.
Scene 3: Nuria chain smokes two more cigarettes, performing another smoke-rings show. She is fully devoted to her habit, combining multiple drags with long lung holds. Such perfect smoking skills are a proof of daily practice and devotion.
Despite her innocent look, Nuria ellegantly masters the technique and practice of heavy smoking. Currently, she is a 30 cigarettes per day smoker. This video is her second appearance at SmokingSweeties, surely surpassing the grandiose smoking show that she performed on her debut Nuria: Interview with a heavy smoker.

Date: December 14, 2021

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