Mel: Chain Smoker On The Beach

Mel, 23 years old, is an amateur model from Barcelona (Spain), and works in a women beauty salon. 23 years old, and she started to smoke with 18, being a student. This is her fifth year being a smoker, exceding one pack of Reds per day. Once she arrives at home after work, she indulges herself to chain smoke for half an hour, repeating it before going to bed, thus restarting during wake up.

The video has been filmed on a paradisiacal beach on the Costa Brava. Mel smokes 6 cigarettes along the video, wearing one clothing for every cigarette. The sound of her lips kissing cigarettes is crystal clear. Mel’s lungs expand every 8 seconds, secretly demanding that Red’s flavour to explode in her chest again and again.

Date: November 6, 2021

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