Lorena: Modern Smoking Woman

Lorena has something personal with smoking in front of the cameras. She shines when she kisses her gracefully upright cigarettes. She then hurries the smoke to her chest and, breaking in pleasure, her beautiful face stylishly reveals the empowerment of modern smoking women. Lorena exhales thick clouds of smoke, marking any territory she steps on with the perfume of the pleasure she feels.

The video runs through 4 scenes, in which the burning cigarette sound is exceptionally clear and audible:

Scene 1: Chain smoking 2 cigarettes while sitting on a chair.
Scene 2. Walking around the house and filling the air with her smoking presence.
Scene 3. Chain smoking 2 cigarettes in the bathroom.
Scene 4. Chain smoking 2 cigarettes on the couch.

Date: November 6, 2021

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