Lola & Sonia: Smoking Sisters 2

The Video consists on 8 Scenes, combining Smoking-Duos and Solo Scenes with each sister, along the bedroom, kitchen, sofa and bathroom.

Insatiable Sonia –the sister with the lightest hair– has accentuated her compulsive way of smoking in real life, since her last video 3 years ago. In this period of her life, she can’t stop flashing cigarettes. She does not seem to notice her hand approaching close to her lips at every turn, inviting her to milk her cigarette again and again.

While Sonia’s body is full of smoke during each of her appearances, her sister Lola smokes more aggressively, close to her sister, with long holds and long exhales that quickly flood the room with her residual smoke.

Date: November 6, 2021

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