Karina: Smoking Interview

This video was filmed in 2013, when Karina was 20 years old. She smokes 5 cigarettes along this 18 minutes video.

During the first part, Karina is interviewed by Annie. Both girls chain smoke naturally, displaying a wide range of long holds and talking-nostril exhales combos. Annie’s nature is to hold the smoke inside for 10-15 seconds before exhaling it, as it has been seen on her individual videos. The raspy voices of both girls are evidence of the hours they spend smoking everyday. Along the interview –Spanish with English subtitles– Karina relates how smoking has been always a taboo for her.

Karina is daughter on a smoker’s family, who has expressly prohibited her to “touch a cigarette”. The ban already started when she was a smoking virgin. Her “momentum” arrived at 14, when a school’s girl friend insisted on teaching her how to smoke. Right after Karina smoked 5 cigarettes in a row, blindly addicted to the prohibited. Karina continues relating her story along the video, as she smokes her cork cigarette so naturally and sexy. Being 15, her family discovered her smoking secretly, so they sat her on the table and forced her to smoke a full pack in a row in front of them. Was this the best way to save her from craving day and night? The story repeats herself, and nowadays the issues continue with her boyfriend, who detests her smoking while tells her: “kissing you is like kissing an ashtray”. Love and hate may be two sides of the same coin. The rest of the interview reveals how the environment has driven this attractive girl to become a secret heavy smoker.

The second part of this video features Karina’s audition on the studio, about to become a smoking model and break her secrecy to the world. It’s a coincidence the fact that she showed up in the studio with this t-shirt for an audition?. The sweetness of her wild taboo with cigarettes is mapped on the black t-shirt she wore: a huge red heart blows up the the word “oops!!”. Is this word perhaps a resonance with the smoke that satisfies her bountiful chest when she loses her virginity?. Her quick hands operate the cigarette with ease, supplying her lips with a rhythmic flow of drags that make her feel not only satisfied, but secure and sexy in front of the camera, along her smoking model’s audition. Her eyes speak the language of the pleasure she feels dragging the smoke deep inside. She is clearly nervous and complete at the same time, wildly savoring the smoke that tickles her demanding lungs. How to unveil the mistery behind that scene?

Date: December 14, 2021

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