Imane & Safiya: Smoking Duo

Imane introduces on this video her gorgeous girl friend Safiya. Both girls are tunisian and both girls live together. Safiya (24 years old) started to smoke regullary half a year ago, while sharing an appartment with Imane, a well known “smoking sweety” who has turned this smoking virgin into an addicted smoker. Both girls spend time chain smoking together at home, while sharing their time. The video highlights how Safiya constantly tickles her barely virgin lungs with generous loads of smoke, and she loves it so devoutedly. Safiya has got the habit and the style of the heavy smoking woman she is about to become.

Contrasting to the smoking elegance of Safiya, Imane’s smoking style is wild, a pack and a half girl: check hollowing drags, double drags and dense long exhales, richly tasted inside her before. Along the video, both girls show off a parade of her sexy clothes, topped by showing their bare skin while smoking on the couch, the cherry on the cake you may include on your video collection.

Date: December 14, 2021

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