Gwen: Accomplished Smoking Model

In this video 1.5ppd model Gwen is showing the skill and character developed across 10 years of filming with SmokingSweeties. Along the 4 different scenes that complete this video, Gwen smokes 5 cigarettes in 22 minutes. Gwen was 36 years old at the time of depiction, and for 20 years has been a pack and a half per day smoker.

In the first scene, her first outfit fits close, slinky and see-through, clinging to her statuesque breasts and black G-string. As well as long, revealing body shots, you’re given long, lingering looks at her eyes, glittering with pleasure as she takes in the smoke of her first cigarette. You can see that her addiction is taking a toll on her body, but her face and eyes still glow with beauty and desire. Her throat and chest work the nicotine into her lungs, and the buzz makes her tease with wide, inviting smiles, fluttering her eyes as she hollows her cheeks again and again with smoke. All the while, the catsuit lets her breasts shine and strain, the nipples erect and visible.

You’ll notice Gwen has sharpened her attitude for the camera in the second scene. Smoking a cigarette while sulkily, sexily scrolling through content on her phone, we hear snatches of her purring voice – low and sultry from heavily indulging her habit. The more she smokes, the more attractive Gwen becomes, the addictive nicotine of each cigarette fusing with her natural beauty with a cherry glow.

In the last Scene, Gwen switches to an unzipped leather jacket, showing the irresistible contours of her chest as if shifts, allowing the passage of thick, creamy columns of smoke, rising from her mouth to catch the light. She lets her head hang back as the pleasure washes over her. Jets of smoke hiss across her chest, and she watches with wide, beautiful dark eyes, more full of mystery and secrets now than ever.

This video marks the pinnacle of a great smoking career, and in this clip, Gwen’s growing appetite for the sexual pleasure of smoking is put on beguiling, dazzling display.

Date: November 6, 2021

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