Bizarre Cigarette Fetish

Men definitely have a fetish for chicks who smoke, but there are more bizarre smoking fetishes that should be listed here for blog readers who may not be aware of the depth of humiliation or depravity that submissive men will go to in order to fulfill their fetishistic desires. Some submissive men crave Femdoms blowing smoke in their face, tipping ashes into their mouth (human ashtray fetish), making men suck the lipstick off of their cigarette butts, licking out their used ashtrays, being forced to smoke used cigarette butts or even being forced to eat discarded cigarette butts or drinking polluted bong water.

Recently, another bizarre smoking fetish popped up in the news. A paparazzi at LAX picked up a still slightly smoldering Parliament half cigarette Lindsay Lohan had puffed and chucked. A freaky passerby paid $5 to be able to smoke it and also smoked up on video! Who would want to put anything in their mouth that had been in Lindsay Lohan’s mouth, but… yes, another bizarre smoking fetish is where Femdoms force slaves to smoke their cigarette butts. In this case, Lindsay Lohan had already scooted, but the smoker still felt compelled by his fetish and even paid to fulfill it.

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