Becky: Heavy Smoker for 23 years

Becky made her Smokingsweeties debut 12 years before the making of this video. Today she makes a full display of her nearly 40ish beauty and shows us how she has evolved her style. Every cigarette that she chooses as her next victim, she greets with aggressiveness. From the moment she lights up, she plays with her magic stick until it is burned completely. Every now and then, her wet heavy-smoker’s cough breaks in the middle of the scenes. Enjoy this 27min ride with her.

This video balances very different locations to enjoy the most out of her:

Restaurant: Becky brutally consumes the embers of her cork cigarettes after each meal, while enjoying the first drink for the night.
Beach: Her top becomes entirely visible as she sucks the life out of each cigarette. You will get to spot her taking a walk along the sand and behind some huge rocks either topless or with a pink bikini top as well. Especially nice are some exhales that accompany her as she strides along.
Industrial alleyway: For a grittier feel, this industrial scenery shows us how confident our Becky is as she walks by with a cigarette in hand, her best protector. You will particularly appreciate how the smoke flies behind her in spectacular fashion.
Indoor bar: Have you missed the sightings of girls sitting at the bar when, all of a sudden, they pull a cigarette out? Here, Becky turns on her seductress persona to take you to those nostalgic times. The backlit ambience serves to highlight every single exhale she gifts us with. This is a perfect opportunity to look out for as much residual smoke as you can!
Her bed: As if the bar wasn’t enough, she can’t wait to get into bed and let you know how much she enjoys a cigarette from that comfort. With her look straight into the camera, she turns up the seduction level a lot, especially seeing bare tits in the scene.

Date: November 5, 2021

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