Alexia: Smoking Superstar

Alexia is the name of one of the shiniest smoking superstars at SmokingSweeties. She made her first appearance chain smoking in front of the camera with SmokingSweeties, 8 years before this video was released, when she was 24.

The video starts with an intimate scene with Alexia smoking chain 2 cigarettes while having a drink, seducing the camera during her double and triple drags, her wide open mouth inhales, followed with long holds. She looks like a modern Hollywood actress. She confesses how sexy and sensual she feels while smoking. She also decisively confesses that she uses to chain smoke while driving her car.

Along the second scene, Alexia chain smokes 6 cigarettes. In this part of the interview she reveals how she got the desire of smoke cigarettes when she was 15. It happened in Eastern Russia, where she grew up. Being a teenager she was amazed by the movie “Basic Instinct”, which she watched every single night until falling asleep. In the privacy of her bedroom, accompanied by her fantasies, she repeated the process every single night. One night she decided to imitate the main actress of that movie (Sharon Stone), lighting up her first real cigarette and starting to truely inhale the smoke while imitating her, connecting with the character of the movie. Such process was repeated every single night, getting dizzy before sleep. Entirely addicted, a month later she started to smoke anywhere she went, like on a movie. She still dreams of being a superstar on the big screen, and we support her dream come true.

Along the third scene, Alexia flash smokes 3 cigarettes, repeatedly inflating her generous breasts, getting great pleasure from them. As usual, her fingers shake due to the nicotine rush she always expects to feel. She looks like a sweet innocent angel condemned to feel pleasure.

Date: November 6, 2021

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