Agatha: Power Smoking

Heavy smoker Agatha debuts on Smokingsweeties. Agatha is a Spanish smoking beauty, who has become popular on the SF community posting her self-made videos. Devoted to satisfy her lungs, her smoking style features open mouth inhales, double drags richly milked from her classy 100s, and thick creamy exhales that scent like “addicted babe”.

Scene 1: Agatha lights up when arriving home at midnight, she goes straigth to the bathroom to smoke 3 cigarettes in a row. She dresses in passion red, her elegant hair up is topped with her characteristic glasses. Open mouth inhales and double drags are on display.
Scene 2: Agatha desperately flashes a cigarette in the kitchen, satisfying her cravings, power smoking it, holding the smoke inside while savouring the rich flavour.
Scene 3: Agatha power smokes 2 cigarettes lying on the couch: double puffs, creamy open mouth inhales, and thick exhales are on display.
Scene 4:, Agatha smokes one extra cigarette lying outside in the garden.

Date: November 5, 2021

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