4 Heavy Smoking Girls

This video meets Rosy, Penelope, Gwen chain-smoking at the disco-pub of Zoé, the Frenchie blonde.
During the first scene the four girls chain smoke together while drinking and playing games. This scene is a true exhibition of her model’s bodies full of smoke.

Along the second scene, the 4 girls challenge to smoke a full pack of reds. They are so busy, milking the first half of each of the 20 cigarettes, each girl double and triple drag each cigarette before Rosy lights up the next one. There is a great visual effect about the huge smoke clouds they can display together while power smoking at once. Immersed in a foggy ambience while the models satisfy their cravings, the video focus again on Rosy’s unique double and triple drags while direct inhaling. Rosy lights up a total of 20 cigarettes, once she kiss each of them so well, she passes each cigarette in a chain to Gwen, Penelope and Zoé who smokes the end of each cigarette.
This video is, sincerely, a must have on your personal video collection.

Date: December 14, 2021

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