3 Smoking Girl Friends – Part 1

A total of 10 cigarettes are smoked on this video.

Athletic Xema stands out for her long holds.
Curvy Olivia shines with her beautiful cone exhales, residual smoke, and the shake of her hips.
Skinny Yasmin is a genuine chain smoker in real life: 2ppd.
Along the first half of the video, the 3 girls talk about their smoking habit. It shines the story of Yasmin, the skinny girl with long hear. Yasmin started smoking at age 12, secretly stealing her mother’s cigarettes. “It gives me pleasure, and I feel like it.” “It’s like an orgasm”, she states along the conversation (Spanish with subtitles). The girls comment how they have dealt bad cravings during school years and later, on their work.

Along the second scene, the girls drink, dance and smoke, moving their hips to the rhythm of “salsa”. You will love this video if you like talking exhales, smoking girls wearing leggings, and natural smoking girls.

Date: November 5, 2021

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